While wood in its natural state provides a stunning attractiveness, it seldom matches the wide array of other colors or wood tones in our home. Adding stain to wood can both change the color and highlight the grain pattern of any interior wood.


AOA’s in house custom color matching team and skilled craftsmen ensure you get the exact color you’re looking for, with no comprise in the quality of the finish. This enhanced with multiple coats of sealers and lacquer provides a stunning natural finish to your brand new kitchen.


Staining is a great way to get a fresh, real-wood look to your kitchen cabinets you just can’t get with paint.

The Process

AOA utilizes the traditional process to apply the stain color to the wood by hand. This ensures each cabinet is evenly finished, instead of the application process done by machines which sometimes comprise quality.


To ensure a smooth surface and even color all across the cabinet, all parts are machine and hand sanded before the stain application process begins. The cabinet is then put through the staining process, wherein all stain is manually applied, and time has been given for the color to settle into the wood, with a final wipe of all excess stain. 


Applying this process manually by hand allows for the wood to be evenly finished ensuring that there is no halo effect, which essentially means having lighter marks of paint around the center panel.