Natural Wood/Finish

Wanting to bring out the finer details in your wood? Why not go with a natural finish.

AOA provides unique lacquer based paints providing the highest quality results that are finer than factory finish. 

Lacquer finishes get their smooth, reflective finish from a blend of resins and solvents that is sprayed on and dries quickly. This creates a hard shining smooth surface on the wood. 

The wood is sanded and sealed to perfection. AOA also ensure that Air quality during application is perfect, through our separated spray booth, as any floating particles will stick to the wet surface leaving a flawed finish.


Comparing lacquer with paint.

  • Lacquer looks smooth and seamless on cabinets 
  • highly durable and scratch resistant
  • lasts longer than any paint product

    Lacquer provides the best finish for wood, MDF, and laminate.